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Our company goal is to provide exceptional women only spa retreats that comprise of body pampering, sophisticated shopping, fine dining and culinary classes in a beautiful and exotic location within Asia and Hawaii.

These group tours are designed to relieve some of the burden of organising your own trip and can be a great alternative to the traditional hens party or birthday gift for the discerning woman. Book your group tour with Asia Spa Retreat today and immerse yourself in a state of complete tranquillity with friends, clients or family.
What began as a vision has now been turned into a reality for woman looking to escape from the stresses of modern day life and immerse themselves in a spa and wellness tour of some of the most desirable locations throughout Asia. We provide all the arrangements necessary so you can sit back and relax as your treated to some of the finest shopping, fabulous dining and culinary activities available. In addition to this, we also seek to ensure that your body is completely rested by offering world-class massages, therapy and spa days that are sure to put you in a state of complete bliss. Call us today for booking enquiries – meeting your needs is our number one priority.

Phone +61 (0) 412 645 562 for additional information about Asia Spa Retreat

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